Friday, March 18, 2011


Am g / Am g d Am
  am                  g              d          am
Stagnate is the water,  I drink of you,
  am                                  g          d                         am
Hope, you take from my mouth, dreams not from you.
 am                                    g              d               am
How was I suppossed to know, the thief inside thee?
 am                        g              d                   am
Trust, I kept to myself,  but then I couldn't see.

 am                              g              d             am
You dream of past becomings, dreams of truths,

 am                            g              d          am
You, the knife I stab me,  in wombs of Ruth.
 am                                       g              d                     am
You lead me through your forest, now you've left me lost,
 am                            g              d                   am
Warmth, a distant memory, nothing here but frost. 

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