Friday, March 18, 2011


em c d g f # em 
   em     c                   
"Don't fill me with lead,"
the poor man plead,
     g             d        c 
as the thief looked away,
"I've got a family you see,
and they all need me,
               em   d     c             
so don't take me away."     g f# em 
  em      c 
"But I must," the thief said,
"you have yet to ever bled,
                 g                   d               c
and don't think I won't make you pay,
you have breathed your last breath,
your time is here I'm your death,
               em         d         c                12   34   5 anda    1   2 3       4
and today is your dying day."   riff : Em/ C / D...       D(g), D(f#), D(e)  em c g 
       g                       d
The man began to squirm,
                c                    g
when the thief's eyes confirmed,
                        c        g                d
that it would be over sooner then said,
      g             d
the gun was swift,
            c               g
as the thief's fatal gift,
c            em      g
knocked him dead.   f# em
 em    c
"Goodbye walleye,
you are but a fish I have fried,
            g        d                   c
let the waves just take you away,
whether there's a Heaven or Hell,
you'll be the first to tell,
                  em  d           c     
I'll see you on All Soul's Day..." riff : Em/ C / D...D(g), D(f#), D(e) g f# em c d c

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