Thursday, March 17, 2011


HUNCHBACK (black) 
f c g c g c e f e f e x4
  Bb                      f                     c                           Am
As far back as I remember I've lived behind these walls, 
         Bb              f               c                  dm
not a pal to say hello to, just these empty halls,
      Bb                      f                     c                           Am
searching through the cathedral looking for a little a friend,
    Bb              f               c                  dm
but as soon as I found it it was gone again.
               dm   f                      dm   c                 dm         f          c 
(chorus)And here I thought it loved me, felt the same as me ahhh,
dm   f           dm   c                 dm         f   c       am g am c x4
I thought it loved me, felt the same as me.--- some things will never change, never never change.

  dm     f                   g       am     dm       c         g
"Hunchback, what's this I see? You have a pet rat.
 dm             f            g                am
Get it out of here! Away from me!
  dm                  f                    c            dm             f
No telling what disease it will bring.You stupid oaf!
  g            am      dm    c      g 
Give it to me! I'll kill it myself!"

                g   a  a# a   g f  e   f 
(Bridge) and I almost had a friend.--- x2  C >>>>F  f c g c g c e f e f e x2

Bb                           f                              c                    Am 
Looking out the window watching the living streets below,
Bb                                         f               c                    dm
see the children laughing, playing if only they could know,
Bb                      f                     c                      Am
I'm not that different, I have feelings just the same,
Bb                       f                            c                             dm
Maybe if I could get outside they'd let me join in their game.(chorus)

      am                        c                                      g                          c          am
Stepped outside the cathedral doors, should have know what I was getting in for, g f# e
       em                        g                                   d                                      g                em
the laughing quickly changed to tears, should have know that I would bring them fear, e f# g a
      am                    c                          g                               c          am
the angry parents came at me, their scared tempers flared violently, g f# e
   em                  g                              d                                g             em
it was over in a blazing flash, I was left to choke on their volcanic ash. >>>>C

  dm     f                          g               am     dm  c   g
"Hunchback, you aren't ment to be seen. Get inside.
dm   f          g          am          dm    f         c
Only here, you are safe. Now come and hide.
dm               f                          g                  am   dm   c    g
You stupid oaf! How many times have I said, don't go outside!" (bridge)

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