Friday, March 18, 2011


riff: em    12   (3)   4 1and2a  em g d em
When the sun came up I sat and watched it rise,
through those thick iron bars it silenced all their cries,
my arms bound behind the hemp green, thick and strong,
taken from my cage began the mornful song.
                                                                         riff: em    12   (3)   4 1and2a  em g d em
 em                                          g
Walking through the streets the lilly petals fall,
     d                                     em 
the cobbels are shaky and in my mind I crawl,
   em                                            g     
the fierce crowd awaits quite forceful with their wails
      d                                                    em
death is what they ask and through my eyes impailes.
                                                                             riff: em    12   (3)   4 1and2a  em g d em
  e m                                  g    
I stop to the stand face to face with the mask,
    d                       em 
I bow to him abliged for his task,
    em                                          g
in a flash of light the rose bud struggles free,
     d                                          em
to reach for the sun marked in blackness like he.
                                                                        riff: em    12   (3)   4 1and2a 
lead  5-7-8-7-5-3-0-7-5-5, 5-7-8-10-8-7-5-8-5-5   riff: em    12   (3)   4 1and2a  em g d em
Colors whirl around as I lie to the block
The axe raised high, the crows begin to flock,
as time creeps by the giant oak climbs high,
forceful with its tears glory you can't deny.

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