Friday, March 18, 2011


gm                                            f  
I walk the streets aimlessly not knowing where to begin,
 gm                                                     f
when did life become a tragedy and I the victim again.
  gm                  f               gm               am
Break apart the saddness I hold in my heart,
gm                                                       f
and then peace will dwell here again I will know where to start.

        am          e        f            g
--But I don't know if life will change,
   a      b    c     e        f   g   am
same old thing from day to day,
       b         c            e        f                g              am
nothing shines, nothing sparkles the way it used to,
 a b    c    Eb              a        
I feel my hope slip away.--

gm                                            f
I had a dream the other night as I lay in bed,
gm                                            f
darkness was here, everywhere, as if I were dead,
        Bb             am           Bb                             f            g 
a then the rain came and washed it all more pain.--

gm                                            f
Then I see in her eyes a future there for me,
gm                                           f
make it past the day to day,  love will save  me.

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