Friday, March 18, 2011


2nd capo  riff: (pc) a f g a x3 em am 
 a                                   g
Feel this love between us, 
      f                em                                  a
We can not be apart, I'm deep inside your heart
 a                   g
you and me together,
      f              em                       a 
merging into one, hotter than the sun,
   a                       g             f                 em
Pressure building higher,  filled with desire

                                    Feels like fire riff: (pc) a f g a x2

                c                               g
(chorus)So we hold our glasses higher, 
 am                  g                          c
welcoming the night, we have no fear.
 c                            g 
nothing breaks the darkness,                    c
 am                  g                         g c em am  /stop/
faster than the light,              of LOVE

             riff: (pc) a f g a x3
                                     Feels like Fire
                                burning though me

 a                      g 
Temperature is rising,
 f                     em                                  a
feel my blood boil, I'm your midnight oil,
  a                          g 
love pulses between us,
   f                         em 
Never let the night end... (chorus)x2    g c em c 
                                                      1st    love

riff: (pc) a f g a x3      Feels like fire                           em                            am
                                 burning through me,                 burning right through me

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