Thursday, March 17, 2011


f g am 
c        Bb                     am     f
Nickel angel show your pastel face,
                f           g         am
bundle me in your warm embrace,
  f           g                         am        f
soft and sweet melting the cast off sleet,
         f              g       am
you strive to be alive again.
               c          em            am
(chorus)Dance the dance of ages,
      c        em       am
your lips form a smirk,
         c             em  am f
your bible's lost it's pages,
               am       g         am
and in my back sticks a dirk.--   f g am
c          Bb             am        f
Alas, my love, you do me wrong,
  f       g               am 
life was to have clarity,
f           g                 am     f
in the shadows we walk along,
 f                     g                   am                
joined hand and hand in conformity.(chorus)
   c         Bb               am                 f 
Nickel angel do you still have any worth?
 f                  g                     am
you weren't meant for this Earth...

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