Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thursday Evening 6 P.M. memories, thoughts, etc...

Being the first album, Thurs. Eve. was created over the course of at least a year and was written as I was learning how to play the guitar. My desire to write songs began as a way for me to cope with my family moving away from where I grew up all my life and struggling with the teenage angst of unrequited love (  which can be seen in songs like Amber, Girl with the Red Bag, Girl with the Black Bag (written for the next album Instrumental.)  These songs contrast Forever Evers which is a love song about a relationship that wasn't there at the time. On the darker side the songs Echo, Waste of Space, Christopher, and Tree have a theme of loss, angst, anger and sadness. All these songs offer a snapshot of how I felt at the time of writing, but remain as relevant today as they were fifteen years ago. Funny how things change, but still stay the same (sounds conflicting, I know...)

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