Wednesday, March 16, 2011


   em          c              am         g
You were always the sturdy tree,
   em     c
always tall,
   em        d                      c       g
always stronger than I'll ever be,
    am              c       g 
but then the winds came,
   em       c              g
and you started to fall.
                em     d
(chorus)Hero, indeed,
  em         c
hero's in need,
           em       d                  c
is the way it seems these days,
  g             d
I've lost respect,
  em            c 
you've lost honor,
 d                  c        g d em c d c
and a good friend.--
   c            am     c
Why, my friend, why?
  em      c                        g
did you let yourself float away,
  c          am          c
why, my friend, why?
  am                         c         g
I thought you would always stay.(chorus)
  c         am           c
plant, my friend, plant,
    d          c            d         c    g
and see if you can grow a new tree,
    d              c
a tree far stronger,
             d      c
then I'll ever be...

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