Thursday, March 17, 2011

ORANGE (orange)

ORANGE (orange) 
c d7  f c
Have you seen my orange, c (e)
it fell right off my tree, g (g)
been weeks since I've seen it, f
I feel I've lost a part of me. c g c 
(chorus)Tell me truthfully have you seen it, f c 
can't tell you the pain I feel, f g 
help me find my orange, f c (d)
even though by now it's just a rind.-- d (a) f (c) c   g a g f
Please Sir or Madame,  c
I'm losing my sanity, g
I'm not sure long I can take this, f
before I lose it completely. (chorus) c g c
Oh jolly day, c 
they've come to take me away, g 
maybe they'll have some oranges for me, f c 
maybe not, g 
okay, f 
I didn't want any anyway... c g c 

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