Thursday, March 17, 2011


Julie I've finally found joy, g d em c
but now help me to understand, am c g
why is there this space between us, em d em c
and why are we not hand in hand? g a b a g a bag
Thought I knew everything to know, c d em c 
I really didn't know what was true, am c g 
but now I see, Julie, it's you and me, dc am c g d
I've never felt this way before you. g d c d g
I need to be lost in your long brown hair,  d c em d 
Julie just make there be no more maybe, c d gc dg
say you need me and will never let go, d c gdc
all I can promise is eternity. gabagabag
Day after day I wait here for you, cd em c
please tell me what I have to do, am c g 
save me because I need you, Julie, dc am c g d am c
part of me is missing with out you. g d em d g am
Then I feel you on my shoulder, g d em c 
Julie be the one to save me, am c g d 
from this emptiness in my heart, em d em c em g
I love thee forever Julie... gabagaba

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