Wednesday, March 16, 2011


(pc)  E(m)
(chorus)You boy,
yeah you,
    c             d      e(m)
whatch ya doin' here?
  c           d                       e
there's nothing here for you.
   e(m)                          d
I've seen your face before,
   c          d              e(m)
but I forgot your name,
 e(m)                       d
it doesn't matter now,
 c        d           e (m)    
you're all the same.--      riff  g, a, b, c, b, a, g
    g                  a
Hey waste of space,
 b          a           g
is your mind displaced,
      g                            a
or are you particularly dumb?
  b          a                f         g
listen to me when I talk to you.
  g            a 
You are weak,
  b             a              g
not strong enough to live,
 g            a
you're nothing,
  b            a               g
what do you have to give?(chorus)
g                      a
Hey waste of space,
  b         a         g
why don't you see?
  g                           a
don't exhaust your energy,
  b                 a              g
why do you even have to be?
 e (m)                   d
Oh, waste of space,

 c                    d          e(m)
crawl back into your gloom,
 e(m)             d
oh, waste of space,
    c                  d                        e(m) --->  em, c, em, d, em, c, e, em
you should have never left the womb...

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