Friday, March 18, 2011


   am           c                 g      am
I saw you walking the other day,
 am           c                g                  am
been so long, didn't know what to say,
 am           c               g      am
love's been lost, I feel so cold,
 am           c                 g            am
empty feelings with nothing to hold.
Am with D
              Am (b    c       b   )  Am    
(chorus)But I'm here still waiting,
Am (b  c   b   )  Am
in this enchantment,
Am (b c  b)Am
and I love you,
Am (b    c     b   )  Am
why don't you love me?

 am           c                 g            am
Love's a hunger that can't be denied,
 am           c                 g            am
I wish I saw that behind you're eyes,
 am           c            g      am
watch me starve, waste away,
 am           c              g      am
ever longing till my dying day. (Chorus x2 ) second strum

  am           c                 g                   am
Darkness grips me giving into the night,
 am           c                 g                  am
never knowing, never feeling your light.

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