Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trapped in Fear (Fortitude)
Trapped in Fear (Fortitude)
E G Am C Em
I have heard the voices calling,
They cry in the night,
They scream for freedom,
And the right to stand and fight,
But they still are left stranded,
In their cells as cold as ice,
They wonder how they got there,
          Am                      Em
And who will set them free.
Dm                        C                     G
Have you been trapped in your fear?
Dm                 F     C F G
Forgetting you’re alive,
Dm                        C                     G
Not knowing days months or years,
Dm                 F           C F G
Wondering if you’ll survive,
The fear.

E G Am C Em
How do you break out?
How do you get free?
How do you get your life,
The way you want it to be? (Chorus)

Am           C            G         Em     Am
Please help us you know who we are,
Am           C            G
We’re stuck in yesterdays,
Am           C            G         Em          Am
Scared of tomorrow and what it will bring,
Am        Em                             Am
What a waste to be trapped in fear.  (chorus)
Em     Am
The fear         Em G Am C Em

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