Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas All Around
Christmas All Around
Recorded  December 21, 2003

Kissing you under the mistletoe,  CGDC
Decorating doors with holly,  CGD
Building men in the snow,  CGDC
I feel so alive and jolly. CGD

(Chorus)But I believe the time is here, CGCG
Christmas love is found, CGD
Its here I’m sure, CG
I’ve felt it before, CG
I can here the magic sound, CGD
Christmas All Around C em am G

Brightly shinning Christmas tree, CGDC
Families decorate together, CGD
All this love all around me, CGDC
I hope I feel this way forever. CGD
There’s magic in the air,  CGDC
Hear them ringing bells, CGD
Everyone’s happiness is unique and rare, CGDC
Presents secret no one tells. CGD

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