Sunday, November 6, 2011

NOTHING WITHOUT YOU July 18, 2000 3:18pm
bridge:F g (wb) am (wb) Dm7 x2

As I crawl out of the dark, am dm (g a g e c )
you're light ignities a sudden spark, dm (g a g e c )
here I am for you whenever, dm (g a g e c )
in my arms forever. am c dm  Bridge x2

And so opens my heart's door, dm f am c dm 
begging you to walk through,  f c  dm
I feel my heart beating true, f Am c dm 
I am nothing without you. f c dm
riff: dm f c dm x2 (strum)

When I fear I may cease to be, am dm (g a g e c )
and our time be over, dm (g a g e c )
I am safe within your arms, dm (g a g e c )
please hold me. am c dm   riff x2 (chorus) bridgex2

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