Sunday, November 6, 2011

Father to Son (The Godfather) 
Father to Son  (The Godfather)
Said father to son, Em       G
“I feel so sorry for the deeds I’ve done, D C
But money was short and there were bills to pay, Em D C
I had a family that made it okay.” Em D C

I’ll do you a favor if you ask me to, Bm A G
I’ll come back later, Bm A
I own you, Bm A G  D G Em

Said father to son, Em       G
“It’s time to teach you the way of the gun,  D C
Take my place while I’m away, Em D C
Get ready we start today.” Em D C
Said son to father, Em       G
“Why should I bother,  D C
I don’t know what else I can do, Em D C
It always seemed right dad, Em C D
I leaned it from you.” C
The father to son, Em G
Son to father. D C

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