Friday, October 4, 2013

Morning Dove

♫ Morning Dove – Erised

Morning Dove

Wake, graceful morning dove,
spread your wings,
you're going to fly today,
I know it's hard to get past those fears,
I am here,
I'll protect you on your way.

(chorus)And then you'll know your not alone,
I'm always by your side,
trust in me I swear to you
from me you never need to hide.

Love, I give to you morning dove,
to shield you,
from the harm of anyone
fly, graceful morning dove,
we will rise with the sun. (chorus)

Sleep, graceful morning dove,
in my arms,
forever to stay,
Then tomorrow, graceful morning dove,
we will fly,
and greet a brand new day.

graceful morning dove

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