Friday, October 18, 2013

Guns & Gears

♫ Guns & Gears – Erised
Guns & Gears

Guns + Gears,
confused profiteers,
a grandson's fears,
an old man's wasted years...

(Chorus) Guns + Gears spin around, but never touch the ground,
Dying ears don't hear, when we all fall down,
Sons + fears are here, getting lost in the sound,
Of the Guns + Gears, spinning round + around...

Rain champagne,
On a cocaine train,
Killing is profane,
It’s painted on my war plane... (Chorus)

Maniac Jack,
Cadillac smokestack,
Devil’s contract,
For a broken soundtrack...

Guns + Gears,
Confused profiteers,
A grandson's fears,
An old man's wasted years... (Chorus)

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