Tuesday, August 13, 2013


♫ Aluminum – Erised http://spoti.fi/1brU1c8 http://routenote.com/r/Erised/5051813251481
My aluminum pendulum gets closer everyday,
I'm trying not to get hooked,
but it's so pretty the way,
back and forth it sways,
that the danger was completely overlooked.

There is not much left to admire,
with hope locked in a case,
nothing left, but to expire,
when you have no fire,
and everything true has been erased.

I can't hear the dove sing,
I've already been pinned,
strangled with strings,
no longer guided by wings,
just lost in the wind.

You say I'll stay afloat,
but these ears aren't convinced,
hiding in my coat,
from a world that wants my throat,
haven't been the same since.

What was once so clear,
has left me only to mourn,
I have no tear,
this heart has been seared,
burning, scorched in scorn...

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