Tuesday, May 6, 2014

So close to 3,000 downloads on Saul Simeon Songbook!!!

So close to 3,000 downloads on Saul Simeon Songbook!!! https://archive.org/details/SaulSimeonSongbook
Stop on by and have a listen! Thank you everyone. Here is the major project uploaded on there Between the Covers.
Between the Covers

A Cover a Day 1
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/SomebodyThatIUsedToKnow.mp3 Gotye- Somebody That I Used to Know

A Cover a Day 2
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/TheScientist.mp3 Coldplay- The Scientist

A Cover a Day 3
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/Blackbird.mp3 The Beatles- Blackbird

A Cover a Day 4
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/Hallelujah.mp3 Leonard Cohen- Hallelujah

A Cover a Day 5
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/NightsInWhiteSatin.mp3 Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin

A Cover a Day 6
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/Disarm.mp3 The Smashing Pumpkins- Disarm

A Cover a Day 7
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/DontFadeAway.mp3 Dead Can Dance- Don't Fade Away

A Cover a Day 8
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/DustInTheWind.mp3 Kansas- Dust in the Wind

A Cover a Day 9
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/FireRain.mp3 James Taylor- Fire & Rain

A Cover a Day 9a
Emily - Twink
Twinkle, Twinkle,
Little star,
How I wonder what you are...

A Cover a Day 10
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/GreenIsTheColour.mp3 Pink Floyd- Green is the Colour

A Cover a Day 11
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/IfIWereACarpenter.mp3 Timothy Hardin- If I Were a Carpenter

A Cover a Day 12
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/IfYouCouldOnlySee.mp3 Tonic- If You Could Only See

A Cover a Day 13
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/KathysSong.mp3 Paul Simon- Kathy's Song

A Cover a Day 14
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/LoveSong.mp3 The Cure- Love Song

A Cover a Day 15
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/MercyStreet.mp3 Peter Gabriel- Mercy Street

A Cover a Day 16
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/RunningToStandStill.mp3 U2- Running to Stand Still

A Cover a Day 17
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/StairwayToHeaven.mp3 Led Zeppelin- Stairway to Heaven

A Cover a Day 18
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/TheHollow.mp3 A Perfect Circle- The Hollow

A Cover a Day 19
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/TimesLikeThese.mp3 Foo Fighters- Times Like These

A Cover a Day 20
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/Wonderwall.mp3 Oasis- Wonderwall

A Cover a Day 21
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/3fTheLedge.mp3 The Replacements- The Ledge

A Cover a Day 22
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/3hhJackiesStrength.mp3 Tori Amos- Jackie's Strength

A Cover a Day 23
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/WildWorld.mp3 Cat Stevens - Wild World

A Cover a Day 24
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/Thirty-Three.mp3 The Smashing Pumpkins Thirty-Three

A Cover a Day 25
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/SheWillBeLoved.mp3 Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved

A Cover a Day 26
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/Imagine.mp3 John Lennon - Imagine

A Cover a Day 27
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/FridayImInLove.mp3 The Cure - Friday I'm in Love

A Cover a Day 28
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/WithOrWithoutYou.mp3 U2 - With or Without You

A Cover a Day 29
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/WreckOfTheEdmundFitzgerald.mp3 Gordon Lightfoot - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

A Cover a Day 30
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/CrashIntoMe.mp3 Dave Mathews Band - Crash into Me

A Cover a Day 31
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/TuesdayAfternoon.mp3 Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon

A Cover a Day 32
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/BlowingInTheWind.mp3 Bob Dylan - Blowing in the Wind

A Cover a Day 33
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/CatsInTheCradle.mp3 Harry Chapin - Cat's in the Cradle

A Cover a Day 34
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/NeedleTheDamageDone.mp3 Neil Young - Needle & the Damage Done

A Cover a Day 35
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/ForEmilyWheneverIMayFindHer.mp3 Paul Simon - For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her

A Cover a Day 36
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/ZiggyStardust.mp3 David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust

A Cover a Day 37
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/TurnThePage.mp3 Bob Seger - Turn the Page

A Cover a Day 38
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/LightningCrashes.mp3 Live - Lightning Crashes

A Cover a Day 39
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/TheRiver.mp3 Bruce Springsteen - The River

A Cover a Day 40
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/LosingMyReligion.mp3 REM - Losing My Religion

A Cover a Day 41
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/Freshman.mp3 The Verve - Freshman

A Cover a Day 42
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/SimpleMan.mp3 Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

A Cover a Day 43
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/InTheFlesh.mp3 Pink Floyd - In the Flesh?

A Cover a Day 44
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/AnotherBrickInTheWall.mp3 Another Brick in the Wall

A Cover a Day 45
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/Mother.mp3 Pink Floyd - Mother

A Cover a Day 46
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/HeyYou.mp3 PINK FLOYD - Hey You

A Cover a Day 47
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/NobodyHome.mp3 PINK FLOYD - Nobody Home

A Cover a Day 48
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/Vera.mp3 PINK FLOYD - Vera

A Cover a Day 49
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/ComfortablyNumb.mp3 PINK FLOYD - Comfortably Numb

A Cover a Day 50
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/SomebodyThatIUsedToKnowErisedLiveChardonBrewworks4-20-13.mp3 Saved the best for last!!! My favorite cover with Leanna & Emily Smith Somebody That I Used to Know Erised live @ Chardon BrewWorks 4-20-13

A Cover a Day Bonus Day!!!
http://archive.org/download/SaulSimeonSongbook/SevenBridgesRoad.mp3 Eagles - Seven Bridges Road

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